1.) Drivers' Hours

Drivers’ Hours

Please don’t forget that whatever type of recording equipment you are using you
must comply with the EC Drivers’ Hours Regulations at all times.

Whether you use a Digital or Analogue Tachograph, you must always be able to
provide a record of the current day’s activities and records of all work completed
during the previous 28 calendar days. If you do not complete a tachograph record for
every working day you will be expected to have some other type of evidence of what
work, if any, you have carried out. This may be a time sheet, a diary entry or any
written evidence of what you did on each specific working day.

Be aware that from April 2009 VOSA examiners have the authority to issue graduated
fixed penalties to the driver for a list of offences, including:
  • failure to ensure that the recording equipment is functioning correctly;
  • failure to ensure that the Driver Card is functioning correctly;
  • failure to comply with the drivers' hours rules;
  • failure to ensure that printing can be carried out correctly in the event of an
  • inspection;
  • failure to carry sufficient print roll supplies.
2.) What is a Digital Tachograph?

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