1 ) proDRIVERS IDHA - Intelligent Drivers' Hours Analyzer

proDRIVERS IDHA - Intelligent Drivers' Hours Analyzer

Drivers' Hours Law Compliance Managment - Made Easy

www.proDRIVERS.ie has a reputation for excellence and technical innovation in the road transport industry. Through our work over the last 10 years in continuously developing our ‘proDRIVERS IDHA’ web-based analysis software solution, we’ve led the way and are proud to help clients, ranging from major hauliers and well-known brands, own transport operator, passenger transport operator to small owner-drivers, manage their compliance responsibilities relating to EU drivers' hours regulation EC NO. 561/2006, Handling of digital tachographs regulation EC NO. 3821/1985 - EU No 165/2014, Road transport regulation - EU Working Time Directive EC NO. 2002/15 and the reports of ‘Driving without driver card’.

Not only with the reporting facilities of the driver’s infringements, the system can create the reports on the drivers’ activities over the fixed 17 or 26 successive week period. Use of vehicle for the fuel rebate plus reporting on digital tachograph event and faults.

We can show if a driver has been working during his/her weekly 45h break for another operator, proDRIVERS IDHA will remind you of the vehicle calibration, Company Lock-In and Expiring driver cards. We show you the infringements trend over 7 days, 30 days, 3, 5, and 9 months and with one click you see the driver with the most infringements.

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