1b) proDRIVERS IDHA - the screens explained = EU drivers' hours regulation

proDRIVERS IDHA- the screens explained  = EU drivers' hours regulation EC NO 561/2006

this Window will show you the summary of the Infringement of your organization, you can move the mouse over the infringement paragraph number and will tell you;

EU drivers' hours regulation EC NO. 561/2006

Paragraph 6.1(a) More than 10 h of daily driving
Paragraph 6.1(b) +9 h daily driving more than twice a week
Paragraph 6.2 Weekly driving time exceeded 56 h
Paragraph 6.3 More than 90 h of driving in two consecutive weeks
Paragraph 7 Insufficient rest during a 4.5 h driving period
Paragraph 8.2(1) More than 3 reduced (<11 h) daily rests between two weekly rests
Paragraph 8.2(2) Less than 9 h of daily rest (single driver)
Paragraph 8.5 Less than 9 h of daily rest (multi-manning)
Paragraph 8.6(a) Less than 1 regular and 1 reduced weekly rest in two consecutive weeks
Paragraph 8.6(b) A weekly rest period started later than 6 days from the previous weekly rest
Paragraph 8.6(c) A reduced (<45 h) weekly rest could not be compensated

MI: Minor infringement, SI: Serious infringement, VSI: Very serious infringement, MSI: Most serious infringement

Frequency of occurrence of serious infringements
REGULATION (EU) 2016/403 18 March 2016 - It shall apply from 1 January 2017 (Law change since 01 Jan 2017)

1. The serious (SI) and very serious (VSI) infringements listed in Annex I, when committed repeatedly shall be regarded as more serious by the competent authority of a Member State of establishment. When calculating the frequency of occurrence of repeated infringements Member States shall take into account the following factors:

(a) seriousness of infringement (SI or VSI); 
(b) time (at least one rolling year from the date of a control); 
(c) number of drivers used for the transport activities managed by the transport manager (average per year) 

2. Taking into account the potential of creating a risk to road safety the maximum frequency of serious infringements beyond which they should be considered as more serious shall be established as follows: 

3 SI/per driver/per year = 1 VSI 
3 VSI/per driver/per year = launch of a national procedure on good repute 

3. The number of infringements per driver per year is an average figure calculated by dividing the total number of all infringements of the same level of seriousness (SI or VSI) by the average number of drivers employed during the year. The frequency formula provides for a maximum threshold for occurrence of serious infringements beyond which they shall be considered more serious. Member States may establish stricter thresholds if envisaged in their national administrative procedure for assessing good repute.   

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