3c) Reports - Use of vehicle

Use of vehicle - Report

Gives an overview of a vehicle's usage over a specified time span. Totals are shown for the entire time span and detailed information is shown for periods of insertions and withdrawals of driver cards. Each period (insertion and withdraw of a driver card) shows totals for distance driven, specific condition (e.g. ferry, train), time for insertion and withdrawal of the driver card, which driver has been using the vehicle and also if the driver belongs to the company. Periods of driving without a driver card inserted are also shown.

The report "Use of vehicle" could be very long, so you only print the first page for your records.

You can see there have been 4 drivers using this vehicle, but we have only date from 1 driver during this period, your next action would be download the drivers card from the 3 drivers with an X to there name.

Other session - this looks not good at all, 796Km driving without a drivers card
You now need to document all dates and Km of the cardless sesiions

Cardless session                                    17 Km
                      Time                                  Km at that time
Session start   6/24/2014 10:49:41 AM   17987 Km
Session stop   6/25/2014  07:31:51 AM  18004 Km

Ever vehicle movement more then 1Km needs to be recorded, it is an illegal movement of vehicle.

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