What obligations do self-employed drivers have?

Self-Employed Drivers obligations

Actions to be taken

You must keep records

Set up a simple system for recording your working time. Include all work done for yourself as well as for any employer.

This could be a combination of tachograph records and work-sheets

You must comply with the rules about working time limits

• Make sure that you do not work more than

48 hours a week on average or more than 60 hours in a single week.

• Make sure you obey the rules about daily and

weekly rest periods and breaks.

• Make sure you obey the night time rules.

• Keep track of your hours worked and reschedule the work if necessary to make sure working time limits are not broken.

• Keep good records of your working time to show that you are compliant with the Directive.

You must hold on to your records for future reference

Keep working time records for at least two years after the end of the period they cover. Remember this could mean that some records might be older than two years because of the beginning and ending of reference periods.

You must be able to show your records to an Enforcement Officer at any time

Working time records must be produced to an Enforcement Officer upon demand. (Remember the two-year rule)

If you need further information about any of these employer or self-employed

obligations, you can contact the Road Safety Authority at +355 91 872600


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