The use of tachograph records as proof of working time

The use tachograph records as proof of working time?

Yes you can.

If you are using tachograph records, you will need to:
  • �keep a separate record of the self-employed or mobile worker’s working time on days that they are working but not travelling;
  • check, if appropriate, that the employment agency has a copy of the tachograph chart so that they can keep a record of their driver’s working time

If tachograph records are to be used, drivers must use the mode switch on the tachograph to distinguish the various types of activities - ‘breaks/rest’, ‘other work’ and ‘availability’. Remember that all drivers must record all other work properly.

This includes work for the same or another employer, within or outside the transport sector. For example, time spent driving a vehicle for commercial purposes not coming within the scope of the tachograph rules such as a taxi or time spent driving on a school bus service.

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