What is ‘working time’?

What is ‘working time’?

‘Working time’ is the time from the beginning to the end of work. During this time, the mobile worker is at their workstation, available to their employer and carrying out their:

  • road transport functions, or
  • other activities.

Road transport functions include the time spent on:

  • driving;
  • loading and unloading vehicles;
  • assisting passengers getting on and getting off the vehicle;
  • cleaning and technical maintenance;
  • work to ensure the safety of the vehicle, its cargo and passengers; and
  • administrative duties to meet any of the particular transport activity’s legal or regulatory obligations, for example for customs or police.

The time spent on other activities includes:

  • time during which the mobile worker cannot use their time freely and must be at their workstation ready to take up normal work;
  • any waiting periods where the length of time is not known in advance.

In the case of self-employed drivers, the same working time definition applies from the beginning to the end of work when the self-employed driver is at their workstation, at the disposal of a client or carrying out duties or activities other than general administrative work that is not directly linked to the job in hand.

Working time does not include:

  • routine travel between home and the mobile worker’s normal place of work,
  • rest and breaks when no work is done, and
  • periods of availability.

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