2.) What is a Digital Tachograph?

What is a Digital Tachograph?

A Digital Tachograph is an electronic system for recording driving and rest times for
drivers and co-drivers (crew members) of buses, coaches and trucks that are driven
under EC drivers’ hours rules.

Instead of the familiar Analogue Tachograph Chart Recorder, all new vehicles that
have been registered within the UK since 1st May 2006 and are subject to the EC
drivers’ hours rules must be fitted with a Digital Tachograph Vehicle Unit (VU). In
addition, all drivers operating a Digital Tachograph equipped vehicle are required to
hold a Driver Card (issued by the RSA www.rsa.ie in Ireland). The company operating the vehicle is also obliged to obtain a Company Card from the relevant licensing authority.

Details of all your activities are recorded and stored by the Digital Tachograph VU and
are also written to your Driver Card whenever you use it in a Digital Tachograph VU.
This means that, unlike the Analogue Tachograph system, there is no need to fill out a
‘centrefield’ at the beginning and end of every working day or whenever you change
vehicles during a work period.

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2.) What is a Digital Tachograph?
2.1) The Digital Tachograph Vehicle Unit (VU)
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